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 Pocket Frogs club

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PostSubject: Pocket Frogs club   Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:24 pm

What is Pocket Frogs?
Pocket Frogs is an app for iPods/iPhones and such. In this game, you can breed frogs. Lots of pretty and cool frogs can be bred! It's an awesome app. Very addicting!

How much does Pocket Frogs cost?
Nothing, it's free! Some things in the game can cost money, but no money is required. The only things that cost money are large amounts of things that can also be earned without money, and a few other helpful things that aren't necessary. I haven't payed a nickel to play.

Joining Form
Pocket Frogs username-
Favorite frog(s) [optional]-

Members List
[Username - Nickname - PF username]
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Pocket Frogs club

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