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 Drafthorse1's Trading Area!!!! (4-6-2012) Go ahead and Post!!!!

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PostSubject: Drafthorse1's Trading Area!!!! (4-6-2012) Go ahead and Post!!!!   Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:20 pm

Hey welcome to my trading area. :)

Here's what I have:

Cocoa Basket Bed (Chocolate Lab- Retired)
Woolly Woven Rug (Llama)

Gas Pump
Lion Topiary
Giant Gift Box
Giant Sandwich Table
Elephant Fountain

Mud Burger (Pig)
Candy Grass (Cow)
Stubbly Grass Nibbles (Hippo)
Beef Flavored Gum Drops (Cocker Spaniel)
Catnip Chips and Dip (Black and White Cat)
Reptile Risotto (Tiger)
Bueno Bone Burritos (Chihuahua)
Spiced Salmon Strudel (Alley Cat)
Sweet Clover Cake (Horse)
Poodle Parfait (Pink Poodle)
Yummy Yorkie Cotton Candy (Yorkie)
Bamboo Canelloni (Panda)
Googles Noodles (Googles)
Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo (Pink Pony)
Bangers and Mash (Bulldog)
Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries (Koala)
Braised Bannock Bites (Clydesdale)
Friend Batcakes (Black Cat)
Roasted Mousemellows (Charcoal Cat)
Alfalafel (Grey Arabian)
Licorice Canepes (Black Poodle)
Chewy Chapon Con Carne (Samoyed)
Kudu Katsudon (Lioness)
Jumbled Googles Caboodles (Pink Googles)
Pokey Porridge (Porcupine)
Sweet Sparkliglitter (Pink and White Dog)
Sweet Parakeet Frites (Parakeet)
Fried Fruited Fungi Fritters (Grey Langur)
Urchin Chalupa (Sea Otter)
Beautiful Bon Bon Bouquet
True Blue Bubble Soup (Blue Googles)
Basset Hound (I don't know the PSF)
Sparkleflower Sandwich (Ribbon Unicorn)
Yorkshire Pudding (Sig. Short Haired Yorkie)
Primitive Pan Pizza (Stegosaurus)
Royal Supper (Sig. Pomeranian)
Labracadabra Chow (Sig. Labradoodle)
Hunk-a-hunk of P.B.&J (Hound Dog)
Spotty Biscotti (Shimmer Bunny)
Crunchy Carrot Chutney (Angora Bunny)
Frozen Berrysicles (Winter Fawn)
Teeny Tiny Shrimp Dumplings (Sea Horse)
Blue Cordon Bleu (Blue Trigger Fish)
Honeysuckle Samosa (Cardinal)
Greatest Peanuts on Earth (Big Top Elephant) ESTORE
Marzipan Bone (Golden Retriever)
Jellybean Jumble (HOP Bunny)

Imperial Urn
Kinzvision Plasma TV
Dresser of the Lost City

I will add more later. :) Thanks for stopping by!!!! :D

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PostSubject: Re: Drafthorse1's Trading Area!!!! (4-6-2012) Go ahead and Post!!!!   Tue May 29, 2012 2:24 pm

for your exclusives for trade i would save the table and the gift box they are going to be retired.
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Drafthorse1's Trading Area!!!! (4-6-2012) Go ahead and Post!!!!

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